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Aircooled Workshops

We have been running Aircooled Workshops since 2015 and Aircooled Academy is the new umbrella name for an extended range of courses we are now offering.


Level One Courses 

Aimed at owners & potential owners wanting to learn more about the vehicle they drive and how to look after it.


Level Two Courses 

Aimed at owners who have either attended one of our Level One Courses or have a good understanding of how an aircooled vehicle works and want to learn more about maintaining their vehicle.


One To One Courses

As it says, a tailor made course with a range of modules available to suit your individual needs.


Aircooled Cadets 

Introductory Courses aimed at younger aircooled owners or future owners (12-16) giving them an introduction to aircooled vehicles and how to look after them

We are currently taking a break from running courses but these will be back up and running as soon as we can sort suitable premises out, for further information on the courses we offer go to:

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